Sunday, February 17, 2013

BlackBerry Print To Go App Updated to Version 2

The BlackBerry Print To Go applications has been updated to version 2, and the big change is that you can connect to multiple devices and print to all of them at once, some of them, or select just one device to send the output to.

Download Print To Go from BlackBerry here

PS The BlackBerry website downloaded the file as PrintToGo-WindowsDesktop-2.0.110.exe.bin and my PC was asking where to extract the files, the solution was to remove the .bin renaming it to PrintToGo-WindowsDesktop-2.0.110.exe and then execute to install.


Fraunt Hall said...

I have downloaded the Blackberry Print-To-Go executable, but not run it yet. I have a BB PB, not a phone.

Does anyone know if the PTG program runs on W7 and can it be used over a WiFi connection to print directly from a BBPB or does the program only work with BB phones?

David Jenkins said...

Hi Fraunt,

The Print-To-Go app is for windows PC's. On the windows PC instead of choosing a printer or PDF you 'print' to Print-To-Go and the document will show up on your playbook, z10 or q10 phone in the Print To Go app on the device.